Park Snooze Fly Frequently Asked Questions

Where will I park my car?
Parking is normally located on the participating hotel grounds. Some exceptions apply. Parking is not at the airport or seaport.
What is your cancellation policy?
Reservations booked to check in or park the same day are non-refundable. Cancellations should be made by phone only (1-800-Park-Fly) if we are open . In the event that is closed, please contact the hotel and cancel the reservation. You will need to obtain the cancellation number from the hotel and contact within 10 business days of your stay.
What is included with the "park, stay and fly" package?
All packages include a one night's stay, parking for as long as the hotel allows, and airport transfer service to and from the airport. Some of the hotels we offer also provide cruise transfers; however cruise transfers are usually through a third party service and additional fees may apply.
When will my credit card be charged for the reservation?
Our reservations are prepaid. Your card will be charged the full amount at the time of booking.
Where is my confirmation number?
We do not receive confirmation numbers from hotel. All information needed for check-in will be located in the first paragraph of your confirmation email.
May I request or be guaranteed garage parking verses open lot parking?
Our package guarantees one parking space per reservation only. Any particular location is subject to the hotel's discretion.
Is there a fee for parking a second vehicle?
Hotels participating in this program permit one vehicle per room. A second room must be purchased to allow for the parking of an additional vehicle, or arranged with the hotel directly.
I need to park beyond the hotel's parking allowance. Is there a fee for additional parking?
Each hotel has its own parking policy. Those with daily fees for additional parking are approximate and do not include tax. Other hotels may only permit additional parking with the purchase of a second night on your return.
I'd like to park my car on the date I'm scheduled to fly out and then stay on my return. Is that possible?
Yes, many of the hotels participating in our program permit this with the condition that your hotel stay is non refundable as of the date you are scheduled to park your car.
Is the parking secured?
Although many of the lots are patrolled and safety precautions are taken, no responsibility is assumed for loss or damage to vehicles or other personal property.
If I do not park my car will I be pro-rated?
Since you are purchasing a package, the same rate applies whether you use some or all components.
Is any part of your charge non-refundable?
Charges are fully refundable as long as the reservation is properly cancelled with the exception of reservations for arrival or parking on the same day they are booked. Those reservations are non-refundable once the reservation is confirmed.
How long will it take to receive a refund?
Your refund is processed immediately once you advise us of your cancellation. Generally, the cardholder will receive the credit of the deposit to his or her account within 3-5 business days.
Is it possible to "upgrade" my room accommodations? books standard "Run of the House" rooms only. Specific requests are submitted but can not be guaranteed.
I didn't get my "wake-up" call or other common/expected hotel amenities, will I get a refund? guarantees a room for the evening, parking and transfers. Although it is our goal to provide our clients with the best service available, can not be held responsible for lapses in amenities offered by a particular hotel.
Will I be guaranteed a certain transfer time to the airport?
Transfers are on a first come, first serve basis. It is recommended that you allow for additional time in the event that the preferred transfer is full.
How do I arrange for my return transfer?
The airport usually provides courtesy phones in most baggage claim areas. Once your baggage has been collected, you must call the hotel in order to be picked up and taken to your vehicle.
I am flying out of EWR/JFK. Instead of being transferred by the hotel to the Airport Train Station, can I be taken directly to my terminal?
The hotels near these airports have been instructed by the Port Authority to transfer only to and from the AirTrain Stations.
Do you offer Senior Citizen or Military Discounts?
No. prides itself in offering highly discounted rates to the public and is unable to further reduce prices.
I'm a Priority Club member, will I receive my benefits?
No. Since offers discounted rates, it is reasonable to assume that the participating hotel may decline benefits.
Can I change hotels after I've already booked?
Unfortunately we are unable to change hotels. If you would like a different hotel we would have to cancel the existing reservation and re-book the new hotel.
How do I book my stay for the end of my trip (prior parking)?
For prior parking reservations you will need to enter your check-in date as the date you are staying at the hotel. Your vehicle drop off date would not be added until you reach the submission page of the hotel you have chosen.
Can I book a reservation for someone else?
Yes. When booking for another person please place their name on the reservation. The billing information is in a different section of the submission page.
Can I book for parking only? Hotel only?
Unfortunately we do not sell any components of our "park, stay and fly" packages separately. You can book a reservation and only use the hotel stay or only use the parking; however the price will remain the same.
Can I book a same day reservation?
Yes, however we do not show instant availability for same day, or next day reservations. Reservations can still be entered online. We will submit the reservation to our supplier; they will check availability and respond no later than 5pm, EST.
Why are some hotel rates not listed online?
Hotels that have a "best rate guaranteed" policy do not allow us to post a rate on our website. Please contact our office for any rate inquiries. These hotels can still be booked online and rates will be listed in your confirmation email.
Can hotels listed online be sold out?
Yes. Our website lists all of the hotels that we offer, but it does not show availability. It is possible to submit for a hotel that is sold out for a particular date. Please contact our office to check availability.