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Cruiseport Hotels with Free Parking & Transfers Package Details

Parking while you are on your cruise. The length of parking varies by each hotel. Most hotels provide two weeks of parking. Many hotels allow you to park beyond the included free parking. The additional parking costs vary by hotel. You may still book a hotel and not use the parking portion of the package. The hotel will provide one parking space per hotel room. Additional hotel rooms may be booked for additional parking.

Hotel Accommodations, a one night stay at one of over 300 hotel choices throughout the United States and parts of Canada. Our hotels are guaranteed for late arrival, meaning you can check in late at night. You may choose to book our package and not to use the hotel room and just take advantage of the parking. Deposits are fully refundable to the cardholder prior to travel and are subject to the cancellation policy. After expiration of the time of cancellation, our supplier shall be entitled to retain the full amount of the deposit.

Transfers to the seaport from the hotel and when you return, transfers from the seaport back to the hotel so that you may get your vehicle. There is typically a transfer sign-up sheet at the hotel and it is a good idea to sign-up for transfers at the time of check in.

*Some cruiseports have an additional charge for port transfers