Microtel Inn & Suites Brand Overview



When you stay with Microtel, you get the basics for less! Although everyone expects a clean room and comfortable bedding, you'll notice that this hotel helps make travel easier by providing the much-needed essentials, such as free Wi-Fi, and also free breakfast! You'll have great food choices, such as muffins, bagels, hot or cold cereals, coffee, tea, juice, or more! Other parts of this experience matter, such as relaxing. That's why Microtel invests in its DreamWell(TM) Bedding, which has high quality triple sheeting. Free Wi-Fi is available for your phone, tablet, or laptop. No more worrying about overpaying for your stay. You can have all you need right here at the Microtel. (*Please note: Microtel Inn & Suites properties have both standard rooms and suites. Our packages only include standard rooms.)

Our Microtel Inn & Suites Properties