Indianapolis International Airport - IND

Airport Overview

Indianapolis International Airport (IND) serves as the main airport for Indianapolis, Indiana, and is an important hub for both domestic and international travel in the Midwest region of the United States. Strategically located about seven miles southwest of downtown Indianapolis, the airport is conveniently positioned at the crossroads of major US interstates, facilitating easy access for travelers coming from various directions.

The airport is notable for its modern design and efficient operations. It opened a new terminal, the Colonel H. Weir Cook Terminal, in 2008, which features two concourses and a grand civic plaza that serves as a welcoming area for passengers. The terminal is celebrated for its spacious layout, abundant natural lighting, and an impressive collection of art that enhances the travel experience. Facilities are robust, with a wide range of dining and shopping options available to visitors.

Indianapolis International Airport has received numerous accolades for customer satisfaction and operational excellence. It has been recognized repeatedly by organizations like Airports Council International for its service quality, and it prides itself on its commitment to sustainability, having implemented various green initiatives that reduce its environmental impact. This includes measures to save energy, manage waste efficiently, and minimize noise pollution, setting a high standard for airports around the country.

Overall, Indianapolis International Airport plays a pivotal role in the economic and social fabric of Indianapolis and the surrounding region, acting not just as a transportation hub but as a gateway to the broader Midwest.




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